Wednesday, December 02, 2009

uhm, about that job summit

This doesn't look promising.

Confirmed attendees include liberal economists credited with shaping the $787 billion stimulus package, union leaders, environmental advocates and executives from Google and other blue-chip firms.

Ed Morrissey heh: Apparently, the purpose of this summit is not job creation. It’s job protection: Obama’s.

Two groups absent from this "jobs summit": U.S. Chamber of commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business.
Guess which way those two swing on health care?

From the Washington Times article:

"My chief concern is that the list features no serious and prominent labor economist, which seems essential to offering a sound, long-run policy to put us on a path of lower unemployment," said John Coleman, an economics professor at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.

Representatives from NFIB and the Chamber of Commerce said their organizations were not asked to attend, but representatives from some of the country's largest unions, Change to Win and the United Steelworkers, will participate.

See, Obama isn't serious about creating jobs. He's a partisan politician who cares only about his agenda. He doesn't care about the 17% plus who are unemployed. He cares more about reaching across to the Mullahs in Iran than reaching across the political isle here in the U.S.

Remember? He told us to go get a mop.

The Mean Street gives us a prediction of what's gonna happen at this event:

And here’s how it will likely play out. A senior White House official — perhaps the president — will give a welcome pep talk to the 130 gathered “summiteers.” He’ll ply them with thanks and stirring patriotic words.

But then he’ll urge them to not waste the day in conference fuzzy talk. Instead, the summiteers should turn words into actions and actions into jobs. After all, it is a “jobs” summit.

And then the summiteers will shuffle off to one of six working groups — where of course they’ll end up wasting the day in conference fuzzy talk.

It is doomed to fail, so I guess it's irrelevant that Obama's invited only sycophants to the event. More Mean Street:

And so the jobs summit will fail for the same reason Obamanomics is failing: The White House mistakenly believes economic growth and new jobs are created by society’s stakeholders — business, labor and government — cooperatively working together.

But that’s not the way capitalism works. It doesn’t take a village to create a new job. It takes a businessman trying to make another buck.