Friday, April 10, 2009

When Kos is ragging on you, you know you're in trouble

Daily Kos has a nice lengthy piece about yesterdays shenanigans in Detroit. Now, when have I ever referenced Kos in a positive way? Never. I guess hope and change is upon me. Cobo is a convention center right smack dab on the water, and his home of the North American International Auto Show. It's roof leaks, it's too small, and dated. The city has NO money to fix it and, in fact, loses money on it every year. Here's Kos:

Several leaders, county authorities, and State officials all came together and for the past 5 years slogged through the tough negotiating process to save Cobo, and thus the auto show. Cobo is an eyesore. It's a dying old facility as hazardous and filthy as the city itself. It needed a make over. And the outlying counties were prepared to help pay for it. Negotiations stretched all the way back to the beginning of the failed Kilpatrick administration and culminated in an agreement that gave all parties a guarantee on their investments. But that meant ownerships and rights.

But Monica Conyers, batshit crazy sheriekazoid mentally-ill-housewife-somehow-turned-boss-of-the-city and her pack of city nuts pulled out and sued to stop the agreement that went down under Cockrel's watch. She was having none of it. Nevermind that other facilities like The Detroit Zoo have been successfully jointly owned for decades.

See, it is DETROIT's. She didn't want it owned by a regional authority (even though a Detroit member would have had veto power). In Monica's viewpoint, the suburban (whites) were trying to steal shit from Detroit. Monica Conyers is wife to John Conyers, who, basically, bought her a seat on the City Council. He knew what a batshit loon his wife was, and yet he unleashed her onto the city of Detroit. THANKS JOHN! Monica lead the charge that nixed the agreement when it came before City Council, and the Mayor attempted to override that decision. So, Monica took the issue to court.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Isidore Torres said the talks had failed.

"For whatever reason it didn’t happen, and that’s fine," he said.

Torres then handed out a written copy of his ruling to each side, and Council President Monica Conyers’ reaction left no doubt about the result.

"Yes! We won!" she said, slapping a nearby table exultantly.

Meanwhile, glum city attorneys filed out of the courtroom.

Conyers said she hoped Gov. Jennifer Granholm would reopen negotiations on how Cobo should be governed.

"All we’re asking is just to be brought to the table," she told reporters. "The citizens of Detroit will get to keep their jewel."

You know what, Monica? Nothing is going to be reopened. Jenny Granholm is tired of dealing with your ass. I say we rename Cobo Hall "The Monica Conyers Memorial" and it can sit there, on the water, next to Ford Auditorium as a mausolim to Detroit's past. That will be your "Yes, We Won" memorial.

More Kos:

Oh yeah. Its a "jewel" allright, Conyers. A jewel that as of today has ZERO VALUE, and furthermore even if it were a brand new building, you couldn't PAY investors from this point forward to even stand in the same room with your narcissistic, psychotic self let alone enter into any new agreements. Have it. Take it. Choke on it for all the entire State of Michigan cares. You've proven what your goal is. To keep the City of Detroit a birthright of the 1960s riots era to the exclusion of all growth and evolution. And until such time that you are removed by election or you are committed to an insane asylum we are powerless to do a thing about it.

Oakland Exec Patterson is now saying he will pursue ways of taking the NAIAS out of the city and up into some northern county venue ... and I support him even though he's a friggin' republican. Tell me where and when, and I will be there with my wallet in hand to buy tickets. Maybe it's time to start calling some other city "Michigan's Metropolitan City." Someplace that attracts business instead of causes it to stand back clicking it's tongue in pity.

This has gone beyond party politics. This is about sheer, unmitigated, unmedicated insanity in power. And it's not just a sad day for the City of Detroit. In some ways - it's the last day.

Harsh. Can't even find dissension in the comments. When the usually batshit crazy find you batshit crazy, your end is near.