Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Jules Crittenden on Obama does Europe

Aside from the the American bashing, most give it two thumbs way up. Here's Jules:

67 percent liked the respect an American president got from world leaders. Apparently 67 percent of Americans didn’t make it past the part in the reporting about the thunderous applause from Euros when Obama helpfully did their America-bashing for them, to the part where Euros, unhelpfully, said no, non, nein to his requests.

What? I didn't see that ...

It was fun, a little like Miley Cyrus does Europe, a headspinning montage of Obama in front of famous old stuff like the Queen, though Miley wouldn’t have missed the obligatory hamming it up with the guards at Buckingham Palace scene. But he’s coming home now. Back to the workaday bumbling, irksome checkbook balancing chores and those darned credit card bills. Theoretically those numbers start tanking again soon.