Thursday, April 23, 2009

The things I learn on the intertubes

Apparently the White House has an open door policy for celebrities.

So this morning, Usher just showed up at the White House, apparently uninvited, and he and his entourage just walked in the northwest gate. But President Obama wasn't home.

Informed that Obama had just left for Iowa and wouldn't be inside, the singer seemed disappointed.

"He did?" he said.

What an odd story! Usher just came over for a chat, apparently. And there is an open door-to-R&B superstars policy, at the White House, even when the President is a thousand miles away. At least Tiger Woods and the White Sox were actually invited.

That's just a shame 'bama was out. I'm sure Usher could have given insightful advice on how to handle Iran or North Korea, or Pakistan. Assuming, of course, he could identify any of the three countries on a map.