Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Live blogging AI

Cause, why not?

Music from the year they were born. The one chick is only 16, so that would be ... oh crap, '92? Oye.

1980- Danny Gokey. "Stand By Me", oye I don't care for this song. Will I make it through w/o fast forwarding? The temptation is very strong. He sounds ... off. Hate this song. Repetative. Boring. I don't think I'm going to make it through it. Paula's dancing, which is always a good sign. He's doing better half-way through, but honestly I just hate this song.

Simon sez: overall great.

Chris Allen - 1985. "All She Wants to Do is Dance." He was my favorite last week. Again. Hate this song. You know, these kids suck at picking out these songs because they didn't live through the era once already. He's ok, but not as good as last week.

Simon sez: boring. Indulgent. Forgetable. Stupid song choice.

Lil Rounds - (missed the year) "What's Love got to do with It." Trying to sound like Tina. Mistake I think she's gonna fall off those heels.

Simon sez: Second/third grade imitation of Tina Turner.

Anoop Desai(1986- the year I graduated for high school boy is this depressing). "True Colors." This one has potential. Haven't heard it a billion times. Maybe just a million. He doesn't have the voice that some of the other folks, but he's making it more interesting that anything else we've heard tonight.

Simon sez: (you can tell my Simon's expression how he feels about the song) not fantastic, by the way. I think he intended a compliment in there, but he never really got it out.

Scott MacIntyre (1985) - Another song I don't like. Was this a Disney song? Can't be. "Living for a Dream." I'm not really sure. I remember it, but I can't recall who did it. Or it's name.

Simon sez: go back to the piano next week. It was that bad.

Allison Iraheta (199- something - everyone here keeps talking I can't catch everything) Man, when was this song on the charts? Ten minutes ago? She wins, so far, for picking the best song of the night. She's doing great tonight. Excellent.

Simon sez: Very good. Make her more likable. He's right about her personality not really coming through on the show.

Matt Giraud (1985). "Part Time Lover". oye, I'm thinking not the best choice of song. Paula's dancing. It was alright.

Simon sez: Well done.

Adam Lambert (1982): "Mad World" EXCELLENT song. Love this song. Let's see how he does. WHAT a good song choice. Oye, he's doing really well. My husband just called it, saying this guy's got it won.

Simon sez: Words are unnecessary. Standing ovation.