Thursday, April 30, 2009

This just in ...

Christopher Dodd is a piece of shit. For you non-clickers:

“By all appearances, …Dodd used his position and influence… to intervene of behalf of his friend and convicted felon, Edward Downe Jr., and in received in turn a significant discount in the purchase of property in 2002.”

“Further, it appears… Dodd failed to report this gift on his annual [disclosure], as required by law, and may have falsified his reports in the years following the full acquisition…”

Certain details concerning Dodd’s co-ownership of a Washington, DC condominium with Edward Downe Jr. in the 1980s are just now surfacing. In light of the potential improprieties of Dodd’s Irish land purchase, we believe [his] disclosure reports filed… during that time period may also be worth examining.”

“As chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, Senator Christopher Dodd has a lead role in the oversight of the banking and finance industries involving trillions of dollars… Judicial Watch requests a full investigation of Senator Dodd’s financial disclosure filings…”

I'm sure the media will be all over this*