Monday, April 20, 2009

The post where I mention Susan Boyle

I find this story only passingly interesting. After all, how many unknowns out there are living in obscurity with an incredible amount of talent? We live in an age where beautiful talentless hacks seek celebrity for celebrity's sake while people of actual- you know- talent live regular old jobs (or sing in church) because they didn't have the looks to market their product. Why are we forced to endure Paris Hilton making a record when there are actually people out there who can sing? Probably working at a Gas and Sip somewhere? Anyway, then there is this:

The shy churchgoer who said that her recently deceased mother encouraged her to "take the risk," who admitted in her audition that she has never been kissed, who has forever lived as something of an accidental outcast - she now seems too much of this world. "I've been for a meeting with Sony BMG, but I can't say much about it," she said this week. "It's early days." Susan Boyle is now one of us. And that is really a shame

It's a shame that Susan Boyle may now be recognized for her talent? Oh, why can she just go back to being that unemployed nobody? Everybody just loves the starving artist, right? There's a dignity. A beauty. It's so compelling. Why did the media have to go and ruin this loverly narrative?