Friday, April 10, 2009

Dissent is no longer patriotic

---->Mostly a rant, warning. <-------

Oh. My. Lord. The irony, it burns.

On April 15th, hundreds of thousands of PO’d red meat eatin’ Americans will converge on the streets to protest the Obama administration’s policies and platforms. Over 360 cities nationwide have been confirmed as protest staging points, and conservative luminaries like Newt Gingrich and Sean ‘Rough Rider’ Hannity will lend their considerable girth and celebrity to ensure a sense of bloated spectacle.

I though protest was democratic? Eight years of patriotic dissent. Of Bush is the devil posters. Of protest so mind-numbingly stupid I feared for our country. Yet, a tax day protest is a "bloated spectacle." Not, of course, that the media will cover it...

In reality, their ‘movement’ is incredibly divisive, a mindset that stands in sharp contrast to Obama’s calls for bipartisanship in this time of great national need. Their arguments have the potential to divide the country along titanic lines not seen since the bloody days of the Civil War.

Ba haa haa haa. Bipartisanship? Care to give an example?

The Tea Party Movement is basically a flag for Republicans disenfranchised by last year’s election results to rally behind. Give it up, guys. You lost fair and square. Obama and his policies have the mandate of the people- unlike a certain Bush I could mention.

This argument is so tired, I'm not even going to address it.

If the country continues down this dark path, a second Civil War might not just be a cool idea for a sci-fi novel anymore. Can you imagine the potential for chaos if some of these ‘protesters’ decide to exercise the Second Amendment and bring their weapons to these rallies? There’s a thin line between peaceful protest and bloodthirsty patriotic fervor, especially if those protesting are used to being on the side of the mighty status quo.

Of, for fuck's sake. Get a grip.

I hope April 15th comes and goes without major incident. And I hope the protesters fail in their mission to bring their message to a national audience. It’s a message of fear, prejudice and, quite frankly, hate.

Bla bla bal. You're an asshole. The message is that we're being fucking taxed too much and we're sick of it. Government grows and grows and grows, in times of plenty, and then when things get tough instead of buckling down and cutting excess, they decide they can wring blood from a stone. Many of the protesters don't think the obscene amount of money we're spending to "stimulate" the economy are going to stimulate anything. That instead, it's going to stimulate the government to grow and grow and grow.

President Obama was elected democratically, according to the doctrines set forth by the Founding Fathers. The Tea Party movement represents a real danger to the tenets of democracy Americans have embraced for centuries.

Oh, honestly, shut the fuck up.

h/t Stacy.