Monday, December 13, 2004

North Korea: a nice place to live.

You know, I always get a kick out of these North Korean rants. From an AP story (link it title) :

"The United States had launched a psychological campaign to persuade people there was a crisis in the communist North, including mass defections by generals to China, the ministry said in a lengthy English-language statement."

Our "psychological campaign" has caused them reconsider participating in multinational talks with the US. We're just so MEAN.

"The U.S. false propaganda and psychological operation aimed to slander the DPRK and finally realize a regime change there have, in actuality, gone beyond the tolerance limit," it said, using some of the toughest rhetoric in recent months.

"Quite contrary to what the U.S. claimed, not even a button of a general officer's uniform, to say nothing of more than a hundred of general officers, has ever been found across the border," it said. "We do not know such a word as defection.

Nope, no one has left the country. No one has even THOUGHT about leaving the Paradise that is North Korea. When is Oliver Stone gonna do a movie about these people?