Thursday, December 09, 2004

Kids for sale, cheap

Anyone want 'em? Right now, I might just take the best offer thrown my way.

Really, I blame the City of Detroit (where I live.) See the schools are SO CRAPPY here, I am forced to homeschool. You guys all saw "Eight Mile", right? Seriously ... would you want your child to turn into the next Eminem? Without the drug addicted mom living in a trailer park, of course. But, still ... (shudder.) Although -he did technically not grow up IN Detroit - he was North of Eight Mile ... I am South.

So, back to the subject,the schools are so awfully horrendous, that only a kookie-crazy person would send their kids there Since I am NOT a kookie-crazy person, and since we currently are stuck here in Detroit ... I homeschool. And that has lead to me being surrounded by my children ALL day long (and thus my desire to sell them.

And HAVE they done school today? I think not. Right now, they are actually HIDING in the laundry room from me. Arg. Taking offers. Shipping included.