Saturday, December 11, 2004

How Unfunny?

Garry Trudeau is untouchable. No matter how bad or biased he has become, he still holds his job- getting paid to write the tired, predictable, elitist merde "Doonesbury".

Today's comic genius: (hold onto your seat, because you might just laugh yourself off of your chair) "Doonesbury" character Roland is traveling to report from a "dusty backwater with inedible food, and incomprehensible culture and hordes of hostile fundamentalists." Is he going to Fallujah? No (now here's the ha ha) - he's going to some RED STATE.

Get it? Isn't that just the most imaginative, funniest thing EVER that you have read? See - Red States - you know, Ohio ... Tennessee ... Georgia (I could go on and on listing them, since they outnumber the Blue states) - we're hostile fundamentalists, because we blow ourselves up for Jesus so we can go to paradise and be with 72 Virgins. Oh, wait, we don't do that. Uhm ... well, we behead environmentalists ... yes, I 'm sure we do that, right? Oh, drat, we don't do that either. WELL, certainly we stone to death gays, non-believers, and those who have had abortions. Man, I can't get anything right today, can I?

Humn ... next: comprehensible culture. You mean, Red Staters have culture? I think he's wrong about that- because certainly anyone living outside of New York City had absolutely NO culture, right? We all just shop at Wal-Mart and watch TV all day (Nascar, of course.) And this really ties into the "inedible food"- because we just all eat fried food around here. That explains why we're all FAT.

Oh, that Garry ... he SO understands those Red States.