Tuesday, December 28, 2004

For those keeping track

US aid pledge- $15 million

Canada- $1 million
Germany -$1 million
Spain- $1 million
Ireland-$1 million
Belgium-$1 million

In the article (link in the title) some UN weenie says that Americans are being stingy (because we need to be taxed more, you see, so we can give even more aid payola). Yea. Ok. Whatever. I need to go look for those figures on how Americans give (on average) to charity more than any other people.

I hate to get political with a tragedy such as this. But, it is in times such as this that America steps up to the plate (which is promptly forgotten by the rest of the world). That $15 million is intended as initial relief, and Colin Powell suggested that more aid would be available. This has wrecked death that I can't even wrap my brain around, and I pray for those who have lost loved ones, and entire families. And I pray for those who are trying to live under what must seem like apocalyptic conditions.

H/t Ace