Thursday, December 30, 2004

I do this, because I CAN

Now that I have my own blog, I can rip on Margaret Cho anytime I want. And the time is now. On her blog (no link for you, but it's easy to find) she blabs about how she saw, for the first time recently, one of the beheading videos. Now, here is a moment where she could see the barbarity of the enemy we are facing. I mean, after all ... people just don't go around BEHEADING each other around here (unless they are psychopaths.) But, alas, Margaret came away with something different. You wanna bet upon viewing she was able to rail against our government? Oh, now that was a gimme, now wasn't it? The sight of an AMERICAN beheading causes her to wax poetic as follows:

I must also grieve for Tawid and Jihad, that our actions led to their inestimable anger. I beat my chest and cry out hardest of all for our country, with its government so far from its people that most of us cannot see why anyone might want to harm us, take us hostage, fly planes into our towers, kill us and die trying. Most of us don't even know why, which is the saddest fact of all.

We are like the headless corpse, confused and swiping at the air for clues, for understanding. As we bleed from our mortal wound we flail for mercy and answers with eyes and ears missing, cut off. We are removed from our sense of self, conscience, purpose, but it isn't the fault of the body, slowly starting to slip away into death. We have lost our head, or it has been taken from us, along with our voices, our reason, our control. All that is left is dissipating strength and a heart that will soon cease to beat.

Oh, I grieve for Tawid and Jihad too ... that our actions (of freedom for women and gays, which Cho is supposedly big on) cause them so much frustration. Yes, it gets those jihadest really really mad when they see women walking in the streets unaccompanied by men, or voting, or working, or expressing an opinion. I feel for them, really. I swear, can you believe that women want to be considered more than a third of a person? Bah.

I bleed for you, Margaret ... that you are so absorbed in your own little world that you don't realize that there are those of us who are EDUCATED and informed, and we don't buy your crap. If anyone is a bodiless corpse, it's looney leftist moonbats like yourself Now go read some Victor David Hanson (link is below.) He really addresses today's column to your sort (if you can understand what he is saying, that is.)