Wednesday, December 08, 2004

10 Most Fascinating People

Ok, now how much do I hate these lists? Usually I'm able to completely ignore them, but this year ... I ... just ... can't.

Oprah. Ok, now what is interesting about her? She's really rich, she been doing exactly the same thing for I don't know HOW many years (15? 20?) I have no idea, because I haven't watched her show since I was in college ...which was a WHILE ago. She loses weight, she gains weight. You know, I'm just not that fascinated in the trials and tribulations of wealthy famous people.

Paris Hilton. LORD HELP ME. What's so fascinating about a skank?

Michael Moore. As if we hadn't heard HIS name enough this year.

Usher? And he is who?

Donald Trump - once again, we're supposed to be interested in him because...? I've never watched his show (and rather proud of that fact.)

Mel Gibson - Not as bad - because that whole "Passion" thing was pretty interesting. But certainly we could come up with a better list? Some people that were -actually - fascinating? AFter all that has happened in the last year - we get this list composed mostly of people that grace the pages of "People" magazine. Well, I don't read "People" ... or EW, or anything else like this. Matter of fact, I'm pretty sick of the whole glorification of Hollywood stars in general.