Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Hypothetical question

If you have a blog, and no one reads it ... does it really exist? I would go and tell my friends and family about it (this), but -really- isn't that SO MUCH more pathetic?? Please, go read my blog ... ugh.

Reasons to blog. This question has been tackled by many. My reason (for this three-day -old blog) are pretty mundane. I homeschool - which leads to hours upon hours of basically sitting here, next to my children, while they do their reading writing, and 'rithmatic. If I leave (to cook or clean), my children quickly find other things to do. Usually, they start wrestling (which ALWAYS ends with one of them getting hurt.) So after months and months of political reading - and emailing to friends who usually weren't interested in what I found - I became addicted to the blogs. I LOVE them. I love reading them, I often like commenting. I'm basically a pest with no life. Well, that is my perception at least. So, in conclusion, I just need some sort of outlet (for the crap I find.) It would be nice if there were people reading ... but since THAT is not the case, at least it keeps me occupied.