Monday, March 30, 2009

Oakland country to lure Detroit Auto Show if Cobo deal goes down

And, it serves Detroit City Council right. It will be their legacy.

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson has vowed to lure the North American International Auto Show to Oakland County if a Wayne County judge today blocks the transfer of Cobo Center to a regional authority.
"If this thing goes down, I'm done," Patterson said. "I'm not going to go back to Detroit to try to resurrect the deal. Five years is enough.">


"He's bullying us as usual," Councilwoman Barbara-Rose Collins said on Sunday. "He just wants everything on his own terms."
Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano, who has worked to find regional funding for Cobo's expansion, characterized Patterson's latest proposal as "showboating."
"We need regional players who are going to push our projects forward and stop inflaming the issues on both sides," Ficano said.

FIVE years Mr Ficano. Five years, and Detroit City council members pulling the race card. You need a city council in Detroit that isn't stupid, that's what you need.