Saturday, March 07, 2009

Behold, in all its [ed. Dan Collins] glory, the power of Happyfeet, AKA (by Sarah W) "The Screed of Wonder"

From comments over at Protein Wisdom:

A toxic political environment? It’s a toxic media environment. Same thing, but calling it political obscures what’s happened. NPR isn’t accidentally dirty socialist. It’s by design. Look at the dirty socialist foundations what support them. Duh. And it’s no different with MSNBC and that gay jewish guy on Comedy Central what used to be pretty but now just looks bitter and more Bill Maheresque every day and well, Bill Maher’s HBO what buys Nancy Pelosi’s bimbo daughter’s movies or Newsweek or Warner Bros. animated penguin movies what they make for your special needs child. They all hate you.

But there’s no convincing the audience if you’re a Republican. The dirty socialist media learned in Katrina that they have impunity to hold the fucking audience in as much contempt as they want. I will tell you how to convince the audience. The way you convince the audience is by laughing at their dumb hopeychangey faces when their taxes go up. When their food spoils cause of rolling brownouts. When they can’t afford gas again cause their dipshit pezzydent canceled tons of oil leases the first week him and his skeezey woman moved their Chicago street trash asses on up into the deluxe bedroom in our White House what George Soros bought them. By giggling at people who spent a fortune getting their kids through college but what can only get green jobs changing lightbulbs in the hood. By pointing and gawking at the maimed people what have less extremities than is optimal cause they couldn’t get a timely appointment with their government surgeons. Learn how to say oh, yeah, paying union dues does kind of suck, but then, you and your slackjawed wife both kinda voted for it didn’t ya? Yeah I think you did cause I remember you had that HOPE sign in your yard what was really impressive cause it told me you were just the kind of white guy that would have no problem voting for a dirty socialist piece of shit black man cause of how sophisticated you so self-evidently are.

No. I’m not interested in persuading these weak-minded losers. Too late for that. I just want to watch their dumb smiley fat hopey faces guzzle every delicious hopey changey ounce of what they’ve done to our little country and give them a friendly, knowing wink as they spew every rancid drop onto the floorboards of their Baracky-subsidized Prius.

Happy elevates commenting to an art form, but this comment deserved to be elevated beyond comment #523 on a thread from yesterday.