Sunday, March 22, 2009

AIG hatefest tour a bust

Moe Lane has a nice summary. And this:

So, to recap: the supposed ‘grassroots’ group of protesters making a big show of attempting to gin up faux-populist hysteria turns out to be a puppet of an election fraud group so blatant that it alarms partisan Democrats… and said group was one that this administration decided to have knock on your door next year and ask you all sorts of personal information.

On a related note, I was all set to do some citizen journalism myself yesterday at an Obama "canvassing" event. I know, I don't get it either, but apparently Obama wants to continue campaigning throughout his term, and called for his volunteers to go out and get people to sign-on their support for his march toward socialism.

The canvasses - more than 1100 are scheduled -- are the first major national project of Organizing for America, the grassroots arm of the DNC. Its director, Mitch Stewart, said that the canvasses, an associated pledge drive and the calls to Congress "are all designed to put our elected officials in Washington on notice that Americans expect that the change President Obama campaigned for becomes reality."
The messaging is fairly generic at this point; the DNC hasn't sent any urgent pleas to its membership, mostly because key votes in Congress are weeks, if not months away.
DNC officials have ways to measure whether their canvassing efforts translate into telephone calls and will be using the results to see whether Obama's campaign volunteer corps can be effectively mobilized to help Obama pass legislation. Pledge drives will be use as earned media hooks in local television markets; the DNC estimates that several hundred thousand Democrats will sign their names toward passage of the budget.

A quick internet search found that one of these rallies was scheduled for my little town. But, when I arrived there was no one there. I'm guessing it was cancelled due to low interest.

Where have all the Obamabots gone?

Exit question; How can something be "the grassroot arm" of the DNC? Up is down. Black is white. If you don't see the problem, the best place to start is here.