Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It is to wonder

Detroit City Council couldn't get any more ridiculous :

Jay Leno's comic relief gesture is coming under scrutiny by the Detroit City Council.
One day after the NBC comedian announced a free April 7 show at The Palace of Auburn Hills for the unemployed, Councilwoman Martha Reeves questioned why it's in the suburbs, rather than Ford Field. That could be an issue: The venue is the site of the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship the night before.
Neverthess, Council President Monica Conyers designated Reeves, a singer and entertainer herself, as the point person to lobby Leno to move the show to within Detroit's city limits.

Martha Reeves is ON the case. PTL.

Last night I tried to post an image of Detroit, but it didn't work too well, and I deleted it. But, go to Google earth or one of those satellite dealos, and put in Detroit. And then scan in close. Those blocks and blocks of empty space used to be neighborhoods filled with houses. A city that used to have over two million citizens now has eight-hundred thousand and change. The city is broke, and mired in scandals. Yet, the city council feels the need to address Jay Leno's charitable gesture. Whateves.