Friday, March 27, 2009

Around the Web on Friday

Robert Stacy McCain on the lack of Conservative Gonzo Writers.

Spare me your “insufficients,” your “hences,” and your “narrative conventions,” Mr. Friedersdorf. The problem with conservative journalism is that it is not as ruthless as the free-market economy that conservatives are supposed to favor. There are too many easy 501(c)3 sinecures that attract lazy poseurs who think that subscribing to a certain set of ideological principles entitles them to full-time employment and praise from all their second-rate buddies sucking on the teats of The Movement. Hustling to meet a deadline, trying to score a scoop—that’s for the lowly proles, says the arrogant young intellectual, who covets praise from “serious and thoughtful conservatives.”

And via Mr. McCain, great piece on Sarah Palin and the silver spooned snobs that spurned her:

The snobs got their wish; President Obama. Sarah Palin and all of her witch doctor-religious-fanaticism-and-all-around stupidity went back to Alaska to run the state. So far she's doing a better job up there than President Obama and his collection of Ivy League egghead tax cheats are doing in D.C.. As I type, President Obama who recently gave The Prime Minister of our best ally, England, the raspberry is preparing to board Air Force One to fly him, his limo, and the decoy Air Force One (on another flight path) to Los Angeles. Obama is not meeting with the California governor to discuss the State's terible economic woes. Nor is he not stopping in LA on a lay over before he goes on to visit other another important ally; Japan. Obama is flying to LA to appear on The Jay Leno Show. This appearance on late night comedy television is not only a first for the first Black President, this is a first for a sitting president. Thank you snobs!

But, do go read the whole thing.

You know, now that Obama's "The Give Act" is poised to pass through Congress, I wanna know how I can land me one of those paid volunteerism gigs. I mean, sure I like to help out and all, but if I can get paid for it ... well, then volunteering for free is for chumps, right?

The bill, promoted by the Obama administration as a means of encouraging America's youth to participate in voluntary community service, has received little scrutiny from Congress or the public.

Yet, a version of the bill in the House proposes to establish a Congressional Commission on Civil Service tasked with determining whether a mandatory service requirement for all young people in America could be developed and implemented, though it is not clear that provision will survive a conference committee.

Gateway Pundit points out this WSJ piece. Money quote:

. There has always been tension between the Democratic Party and the private sector. That tension is over. With its vote in the House of Representatives to punish corporate bonus payments, the national Democratic Party has disconnected itself entirely from the private sector.

That's all I gots for now.