Monday, August 31, 2009

I've got an idea ...

Regent to fill Kennedy's seat?

The widow of the late U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy should be considered as an interim appointee to represent Massachusetts in his place, two U.S. senators said.
Senators Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, and Christopher Dodd, a Connecticut Democrat, said yesterday on CNN’s “State of the Union” they could support Kennedy’s widow Victoria Reggie Kennedy as an interim senator if Massachusetts allows a temporary appointment before a special election.

See, a regent fills a spot until the royalty is ready to assume their position.

Kennedy actually benefited from the former Massachusetts law. After his brother John won the presidency in 1960, a family friend was appointed to hold the seat until Ted Kennedy was old enough to run in a special election in 1962 -- his first election to the Senate.

So ... it's obvious that the seat belongs to the Kennedys, so which will step up? Perhaps nephew Joe?