Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This is what they think of you

All you non-Obama supporting riff-raff.

You see, you're merely anti Healthcare/cap-n-tax/spendulous because you're a hater. An Anti-Obama, racist hater. Chances are that if you don't live in a major city yer stoopid.

Today, for instance, some -- I don't know if it's 40 percent, but a considerable minority -- who voted for John McCain are galvanizing into, not just an opposition party in exile, but a kind of fifth column, an enemy within trying to undermine the operation of our government, opposing the president at every turn for purely ideological, if not pathological, reasons.

Oh, see, I left out "pathological." You're prolly "pathological" if you oppose Obama.

>Cities make you smarter
God bless Chicago. Having just driven across the country and back, I can tell you that most places are bumps in the road, and it's chilling to see the kind of undiluted reactionary opinion they marinate in. Every roadside diner's TV is tuned to Fox News, every radio station serves some right-wing nut grimly insisting on the reality of utter fantasy. It was out West that I saw a bumper sticker reading, ''Where's the birth certificate?'' referring to the mad claim that Obama was born in Kenya and thus was not eligible to be elected president.

I was sitting in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart in Mesquite, Nev., when I turned on the radio and heard someone -- it may have been Michael Savage -- explain how the entire birth certificate controversy was -- ready? -- fabricated by the White House in order to distract the public from the president's health care reform.

Insulted enough yet? Oh, there's more:

It's scary, but we must remember that -- like the Royalists and the America Firsters -- the current crop is on the wrong side of history. The Royalists fled to Britain with their Tory overlords. The isolationists forgot their initial eagerness to ignore Hitler and spent the next 50 years patting themselves on the back as the Greatest Generation. Alas, we're stuck with our present misguided 40 percent, and will have to move forward best we can, with them clinging to our ankles and trying to trip up their own nation every step of the way.

I like how Mr. Steinberg argues FOR Obama's agenda by focusing on the birther stuff. No, there are no reasonable arguments coming out of the right. Not here or here or here or at any of those links over there on my sidebar. Why don't you, Mr. Steinberg, stick with the weakest, most irrelevant argument coming from the right, the birther stuff, because I think that's about all you can handle.

Don't strain yourself.