Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Obama and Statism

From Victor Davis Hanson.

Usually such ideologies do not take hold in America, given its tradition of liberty, frontier self-reliance, and emphasis on personal freedom rather than mandated fraternity and egalitarianism. At times, however, the stars line up, when a national catastrophe, like war or depression, coincides with the appearance of an unusually gifted, highly polished, and eloquent populist. But the anointed one must be savvy enough to run first as a centrist in order later to govern as a statist.

Given the September 2008 financial meltdown, the unhappiness over the war, the ongoing recession, and Barack Obama’s postracial claims and singular hope-and-change rhetoric, we found ourselves in just such a situation. For one of the rare times in American history, statism could take hold, and the country could be pushed far to the left.

That goal is the touchstone that explains the seemingly inexplicable — and explains also why, when Obama is losing independents, conservative Democrats, and moderate Republicans, his anxious base nevertheless keeps pushing him to become even more partisan, more left-wing, angrier, and more in a hurry to rush things through. They understand the unpopularity of the agenda and the brief shelf life of the president’s charm. One term may be enough to establish lasting institutional change.

I've argued over the dinner table that Obama's election was an alignment of the stars. It wasn't just about Obama, but the radical ideology that lurked behind his "Hope and Change" demeanor. Radicalism that took root in the '60s (although the roots go further back) in the minds of students; students who have now risen to positions of power in Universities and the media, among other places, to support the snow-job done during the last election. Many people didn't vote for a radical knowingly; they denied he was one. Many are still denying it today. Despite what Obama and those around him said.

But, he told us that radical organizations would shape his agenda.

He told us that he would create a Civialian national sercurity force that rivaled the military

Rahm told us he supported Universal Service, that wasn't mandatroy, but required.

Obama told us that he believed in spreading the wealth around.

Obama stated that thinks that the constitution lists "negative rights" and needs to be fixed to state what the government should do on your behalf.

He told us that under his plan electricity rates would skyrocket.

His wife told us Barack wouldn't allow us to be unengaged.

Obama told us he would fundamentally transform America.

And, the simple response from the left every time anyone criticizes the policies coming out of the White House is that those opposed are simply flat-out racists.

I don't oppose universal healthcare, I'm just a racist. I don't oppose Cash for Clunkers, I'm simply a racist. I don't oppose the 9 trillion of debt we're running up, I'm simply a tea-bagging racist.

I have no core beliefs, I'm simply spoon-fed talking points every morning, which I regurgitate. My ODS is so bad, I can't see straight.

Yea, right. I've heard it all. Do you folks have anything new? Until then, you can frak off.