Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Racist Post du Jour

-Martha Reeves will end her career on the City Council as a one-termer, rebuffed Tuesday by voters who advanced all other incumbents to the November general election.

Question ... how did Detroit voters become so racist?

Many voters said they're fed up with recent behavior from council members, such as last month's guilty plea by Monica Conyers on a federal bribery charge. She resigned last month but remained on the ballot, finishing 62nd in the 168-candidate field.
Reeves placed 25th.
Reeves, a Motown legend , has garnered bad press in recent months, including missing meetings for her concert tours and for a BBC interview in which she called her $81,000 council post a "second job." She's also struggled financially, with $200,000 in unpaid income taxes.

There were fears that Monica would actually get some sort of sympathy vote. Congrats Detroit! Although she SHOULD have finished even lower than 62nd.