Tuesday, September 01, 2009

About those shovel-ready projects

Remember when Obama said those were going to go to mostly Unions members?

Yea, neither do I.

Barack Obama and his administration are about to significantly drive up the costs of federal building construction. This is an astonishing reach. The Office of Management and Budget has directed that any federal construction over $25 million benefit unions.

The order would make all federal construction projects 10-20% more expensive by requiring all contractors to either use union workers or apply inefficient union apprenticeship and work rules to their employees. Contractors would also be required to make contributions to union pension funds and other union programs that non-union workers will never benefit from.

Only 15% of construction workers belong to a union, so the other 85% will be barred from working on federal projects. And, of course, one could argue that unions don't exactly use funds efficiently.

So, while we're squeezing that last dollar out of the cardiologists, Obama just paid back union members for their support. With our money.

h/t Dan's joint.