Monday, September 21, 2009


Ok, I didn't see where Ric was going ... but then there's this:

Fair warning to Democrats and disillusioned former Obamaphiles: DO NOT EXPECT US “WINGNUTS” TO CLEAN UP YOUR TRASH FOR YOU. If you think Barack Obama is in danger of assassination, look to your own nutcase extremists — to the frustrated hyper-progressives whose complaint is that Obama has moved too far to the Right or hasn’t moved Left fast enough, to the Lee Harvey Oswalds and “Squeaky” Frommes, to the Kos Kidz and Huffington Huffers declaring “public option or fight”. If the Secret Service feels it needs more bodies for the duty of “catching the bullet” intended for Barry, they need look no farther than the nearest Right Wing Conspiracy for volunteers. Yeah, we’ve got a lot of kooks and loudmouths who don’t know how their bread is buttered, but their leaders do and have been passing the word: We want this man to live forever, to serve as an emblem of Progressive politics at least that long, and (in the words of a Jack Vance character from the Sixties) we want him safe as a forty-ton statue of a dead dog.

Would you take a bullet for Barry? Yes, I'd do it for my country.