Sunday, September 13, 2009

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Counter protest fail:

By far the best dressed people at the show was a clutch of 20 or so twentysomething/thirtysomething types in tuxedos and evening gowns, singing and chanting a huzzah-ing stuff like "Freedom, not medicine!" and "Privatize Medicare!" and "Defend our insurance companies!" and such. It was those Billionaires-for-Bush pranksters, taking the piss out of the evil right-wingers by, uh, mocking the decidedly not-rich-looking crowd.

Roger Simon (h/t: Dan) has some thoughts:

Boy, was I wrong. I can remember telling Glenn Reynolds during CPAC that these Tea Party demonstrations were rinky-dink and going nowhere. Barely more than a half-year later, they’re putting two million people on the Washington Mall. Wow! If I were Obama & Co., I’d be afraid, I’d be very afraid.
One other note from an old protestor. When I made that statement to Glenn those many months back, I did it with the supposed authority of someone who had been at a lot of demonstrations when on the left. I can remember a couple that might have been nearly this big (not sure, really). But I can’t remember anything this size that was entirely non-violent. That’s rather miraculous for a two-million person demonstration and deserves the highest praise, though I doubt the mainstream media will say much. They’re still digesting how much they’re despised.

I'll add more when I find interesting stuff.

Detroit Free Press - small story on page 21. Canceling subscription tomorrow.

BA HA AHAA HAAAA 11!!! !11:

The White House said Friday it was unaware of the rally. President Obama has traveled to Minneapolis, Minn., to promote his health-care plans at a rally there.

Smartest Man EVA!!!!

Need. Oxygen.

Front page of the internet Free Press/ News :

Outburst in speech may be a 1st in U.S.
Obama strikes at health care opponents

Yep, that's it. Two entries. Neither one regarding the rally that Obama was unaware of. One "news" item being four days old.