Thursday, September 24, 2009

Obama takes the Mic

This pretty much sums it up.

President Obama, Bayefsky says, also said that he will no longer tolerate those on the wrong side of history. “It is becoming very plain that the president himself is on the wrong side of history. He stood before a crowd of largely undemocratic leaders and said he was on their side. Instead of leading, the president sounded confused and relativistic, claiming that there is no one form of democracy and that everybody quite reasonably has their own take on what democracy means. Everyone there knew that those words are exactly how the Cubans and Chinese speak in U.N. circles. The president’s deliberate ambiguity on the nature of democracy was well-received at the U.N., but it did nothing to enhance America’s moral stature and leadership capacity in the world today.”

Worst. President. Ever.

Oh, but there's more. Here's Allah on Quadaffy's speech:

His first appearance in 40 years. Total length: 96 minutes. I didn’t watch but Twitter was aflame with rolling updates about his intro as the “king of kings,” his musings about jetlag and why the UN should be moved to Beijing, and, oh yes, his hope that The One shall remain president forevermore. And that’s just for starters: I’m giving you two clips, one of CNN covering the kookier lowlights and another of a lowlight they forgot to mention — his pensees about the JFK and MLK assassinations. I can’t tell if the interpreter is (mostly) unintelligible because he simply doesn’t speak English well or because Qaddafi is that incoherent, but the garbled syntax only adds to the whole vibe.

Of course, I think his idea about the UN moving to Beijing is an excellent idea.