Monday, February 02, 2009

What Media bias? (a continuing series)

Hot Air notices that the media has now "outsourced" it's job as the fourth pillar government to India. The Times of India has notices that Obama has already issued 17 exceptions to his no-lobbyist rules. Add to that his appointees problems with paying their "fair share" of taxes ...

Says Ed Morrissey;

Well, that’s Hope and ChangeTM, isn’t it? When anyone has to issue more than a waiver a day on any standard, it ceases being a standard and becomes a joke. The no-lobbyist rule has become just that — an ironic joke on all of the saps who fell for Obama’s populist pap over the last two years.

Why do we have to go to the Times of India to hear how many exceptions to this rule Obama has invoked? If the Bush administration had publicly imposed such a restriction on itself and then quietly ignored it, we’d hear endless editorials about Bush’s hypocrisy and the influence of the rich and powerful on his administration.