Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Busy bees spinning

I the roar is getting louder. What roar? The roar of liberals declaring that Republicans are slitting their own throat by not backing the Stimulus Bill.

I though dissent was patriotic?

Apparently not when you're dissenting against the Chosen One.

So, today I see yet another article; "Republicans Take Huge Politicial Risk Opposing Obama Jobs Bill.

Well, one of the things we're opposing is that this bill is a "Jobs Bill." Or a Stimulus Bill. Or whatever else they want to call it. From my perspective, it's a "Give the Democrats Everything They've Dreamed of For the Last Thirty Years Bill." THAT is what we're opposing.

But, I've heard here, and at other blogs, warnings that if we don't abandon our (apparently misguided) principals, we're going to be a party that wanders in the wilderness for forty years.

And, that just amazes me. People are actually advocating that Republicans stop being whatever it is they are simply for political purposes. Can you folks hear yourselves?

Rush has a piece in Imprimis this month that speaks to exactly this issue.

There is no such thing, at least in America, as "big-government conservativism." A government that abides by teh Constitution and protects our God-given freedoms is by definition limited. Rather than carving out blocs of voters by surrendering their principles, conservatives need to continue to tell the American people asa whole that the ideas of individual liberty and limited government are right and that the policies that come from those ideas work best to produce prosperity. Conservatives don't need to reinvent themselves. They need the courage to be once again who they were.

I'm going to save you the trouble of screaming about Bush. Bush is a Republican, but that doesn't make him necessarily a good conservative. The Republican party should be the home for conservative ideas, but that doesn't mean it has been for the last eight years. The "Republicans" could have backed the Stimulus Bill, but then they wouldn't have been conservatives. I refuse to become a "Democrat lite" voter, and if the Republican party were to becomethat than I'd just have to find some mountain-top on which to live.

For now, I'll fight. Smaller government. Individual liberty. More from Rush:

The main idea that animated Reagan wasn't anti-communism or supply side economics. Reagan's main idea was the main idea of the American founding - the idea of individual liberty - and the policies that he supported, both internationally and domestically, grew from that. America was founded on the idea that our individual freedoms derive from God, not government, and that government should protect those freedoms and never violate them. Reagan argued, and history has shown, that America does best when it is true to its original idea.

There is nothing about this "Stimulus Bill" which stays true to what our founding fathers intended. It is an abomination. When/if the economy recovers, people will declare that it was because of Obama's wonderful bill. That will be one big, fat, horribly, awful lie.