Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don't "Do It" for your country

An enivronmental organization in the United Kingdom advises that it's selfish to have more than two children:

"The more couples decide to have just one or two children, or even remain childless, the more they can relieve pressures on rapidly deteriorating ecosystems and alleviate demand for dwindling energy and food resources," says policy director Rosamund McDougall.

UK population growth is already below two children per woman. So ... I'm guessing the greenies are simply hoping that the human population dwindles away to nothing.

Here in the US, our 2.1 kids per women is driven up by Hispanics (2.9) and blacks (2.0). Among non-hispanic whites, the total fertility rate is 1.8.

So, who's gonna talk to those selfish hispanics and blacks? Go get 'em, Enviroweenies.