Sunday, February 01, 2009

25 Things About Me or Song Lyrics

1. I planned on having two kids. I messed up, lost count. Something.
2. I wanna know what love is, and I want you to show me.
3. I secretly like two Madonna songs. The rest could disappear forever
4. I hate olives.
5. I know a girl, a girl called trampoline. You know what I mean.
6. I think Bono should shut his pie hole about politics.
7. Dogs I've had, by name, in order : Moe, Malcom, Greta, and Oscar.
8. My basement flooded last week and was under 8 feet of water.
9. When I am king, you will be first against the wall.
10. When I had my first baby, my water broke in the kitchen, and my dog Moe licked it all up!
11. I've got a secret, I cannot say. Blame all the movement to give it away.
12. I stopped dying my hair about 18 months ago, and now I have a wonderful head of silvery hair. I think it's kick ass.
13. I'm halfway done with the this list.
14. Josh Homme turns me into a teenage fangirl. I could be a groupie.
15. I haven't watched an awards show in, at least, a decade.
16. I wanna make it wit chu.
17. Am I almost done yet?
18. They say the devil is paranoid.
19. My hands are always cold.
20. I've become a major gym rat. I'm not sure if it's the workout, or the time to myself listening to my iPod at full blast that I prefer. Really, it's a win/win.
21. I'm rather a shy person, but I can be social in certain situations. Bartending did that for me, I guess. Can't be a shy bartender. Extroverts make more money.
22. If I were stuck on an island, and could only have one band there with me, it would be QOTSA. What? That's not the way the question goes?
23. I've got wine. And so do you. Mine came with a cork, I wish yours did too.
24. ALMOST done!
25. I was politically a liberal through college, and was converted by 1) my husband, 2) his brother and 3) one of my graduate level Ed courses.

YEA. God, that was painful.