Monday, February 09, 2009

Not wanting to be left out ...

I certainly don't want to miss out on the opportunity to pile on to this Stephen Fowler fellow:

I've watched this show a few times (not recently) and found the premise irritating; the clash of personalities a bit too orchestrated to be truly interesting. It over-reaches to find mismatched families, with a bias almost always in the favor of the cultured elite. The "elite" is either rich, or highly educated, or very Granola. The opposite family almost always can be described as "red neck." They don't eat well, never exercise, and watch too much tv. Uneducated. Uncultured.

But, this Fowler character ... he's the type for which I'd pay good money for the opportunity to go head to head. Of course, Hollywood can't help themselves but to throw at him someone wholly unable to represent the midwest in anything resembling a favorable light. They can neither defend themselves (much) or go on the attack. He says mean things but, nod to the coasts, isn't he "right?" They are fat, right? They are uneducated?

Many who think he was an asshole, do so only because he had the indelicacy of saying out-loud that which they keep to themselves. With his assessments? They will pretty much agree with the opinions and stereotypes Fowler holds for those who live in the fly-over states. They'll just keep it to themselves, and think they are better people.