Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What we have here is-

The post where Amanda Marcotte explains that "the man" opposes her offensive words not because of the actual words, but because of her stance on their "anti-woman church policies," and her tireless crusade against the patriarchy. Furthermore, she explains that people aren't mad at Don Imus because of what he said, but because he is a "racist fuckwit":

[E]veryone knows he’s a racist fuckwit, and when politicians go on his show and people go on TV defending him, they are saying, loud and clear, that racist fuckwittery wins and you people who are opposed to racist fuckwittery need to suck a lemon. We are mad because we want simple, basic justice and Imus and his buddies are resisting that. We want women to be athletes and we want black people to have the same access to education as white people and Imus and his buddies are resisting us. The exact language he used to convey the idea that he opposes female athletes and black scholars is interesting but not the ultimate point. The battle is over whether or not we as a society are going to grant full equality to women and black people or not.

Erm, besides his comments, exactly what proof does Mandy have that he is a racist fuckwit, who is trying to keep black people from going to college? What agenda does Imus have? Besides a radio program, in which he makes tasteless jokes, offending just about everyone, what power does he have?

The problem Marcotte has with all of this, of course, is that she got fired for her words, while Don Imus has been merely suspended. Ignoring the fact that Marcotte wrote thousands of words extolling and detailing her radical views, while Imus merely uttered his a few times.

There’s a reason that the corporate media wants to avoid the issues at hand, and it goes right back to how it is that I don’t have a job anymore but Don Imus does. It’s because the official values of this country are liberal, and if conservatives want to advance their agenda, they need to use subterfuge and distraction, and the sound-bite culture is perfect for that.

Marcotte got fired because her opinions are controversial, perhaps not to herself, but to just about everyone right of Pandagon and she had been hired by someone trying to win a popularity contest. She can't accept how radical her opinions are because she is buried so deep in that battle against the patriarchy.

In this case, what is angering people is that Don Imus was feeding into and feeding a culture that teaches that black people don’t deserve education and that women shouldn’t be athletes, because all of that threatens white male supremacy. Put like that, it’s sort of hard to argue that it’s really “freedom of speech” to demand that defenders of black education and female athletes pipe down so the racist, sexist son of a bitch’s paycheck he draws to spread anti-black, anti-woman propaganda not be threatened. So instead we focus relentlessly on the sound-bite rather than ask the hard questions about racism and sexism and the role of education and athletics in overcoming that, and why men like Don Imus piss their pants in fear at the sight of unapologetic black female scholar-athletes?

That's an awful lot of feeding, coming out of a few words. She is taking a small "sound-bite" and turning it into the entire KKK agenda. Isn't this exactly what she is railing about? Taking a small sound-bite of Imus's show, and finding the "gotcha" moments? Imus is an equal-opportunity offender, with certainly less influence than the misogynist, racist, hip-hop culture. If she wants to find a force for negativity in regards to blacks, women, and higher education, she needs to look no further than that video I posted yesterday.

This is where I must commend the Democrats who refused to participate in the “debate” at Fox News, because it wasn’t meant to be a debate, which implies thorough discussion of actual issues. It was an attempt to generate “gotcha” soundbites by asking a bunch of catch-22 questions to which there is no good answer. Handing the media “gotcha” soundbites so they can relentlessly avoid talking about the actual issues is exactly what conservatives want, and they even set it up so they could play “gotcha” when the Democrats refused to feed them ammunition to shoot them with. My only question at this point is why did the Congressional Black Caucus decide to offer themselves up as the club to bully Democrats into this debate? Surely they had to know the only reason Fox News reaches out to the Congressional Black Caucus is to find a way to fuck with the Democrats, period, since Fox has no other reason to exist than to promote the Republican party and a right wing ideology

For years and years, conservatives have had to sift through the left-wing media for truth. ABC, NBC, CBS, and then CNN. Fox has ruined the liberal monopoly on news distribution, and it will not be tolerated. But, how to handle the affront? Certainly the approach has been to attack it relentlessly. But, now the DNC has another tool; the blackout. They claim, as Marcotte says above, that they are refusing to feed them ammunition with which to attack. But, I think, actually, it is fear that is keeping them from Fox.

Can you imagine Hillary Clinton on a Fox program, where she is actually asked HARD questions? Hillary would never go up against such an unfriendly audience. And, by unfriendly, I mean, "not a democrat."