Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kind of Interesting

I installed a site meter on my blog about two days ago, mostly out of boredom of the intertubes. Sure, I could have posted more YouTube videos, are bizarre pictures of my children (which is what I usually do when I bored), but I decided to take it in a different direction this time.

I used to have a site meter, when I first started this hobby, but it was lost when I made some formatting changes. I found myself happier, healthy, and GOSH DARN more content not knowing how few people came to read my blog. So, when I was installing the gosh-darn thing the other day, I was already plotting it's removal.

But, it's proved to me kind of fun. I do, in fact, have more than two readers. AND, the little tool that tells me where readers are located is just nifty.

Sometime overnight, I had a visitor from Iran. And for delivering that bit of knowledge alone, the site meter stays. At least for a few days.