Friday, April 06, 2007

Michigan plans to tax its way out of trouble

Because, you know, that always works so well.

A 4% sales tax on soda, for instance, would be imposed to help fund a catastrophic health-care fund for uninsured Michigan residents. The proposal would generate up to $70 million a year.
One bill would tax satellite TV services, while another would dramatically increase fees for documents at county Register of Deeds offices and for teachers applying for certificates and permits.

Tax tax tax!

State Rep. Steve Tobocman, D-Detroit, said many other tax proposals are on the table, including a 6% tax on some services and an increase in the income tax, which now is at 3.9%.
"I don't think we'd rule anything out," he said.
Also on the table, and playing a more prominent role Thursday, were expensive new programs, including $100 million for investments in Michigan's downtowns and a $38-million proposal that would provide iPods or MP3 players for all Michigan students to use as learning tools.

iPods for all Michigan students. Un. Believe. Able.

What I especially enjoy, is when they say that a certain tax will bring in a certain windfall of cash. A 4% sales tax on soda will generate $70 million a year. Are you SURE about that? How do you know people just won't stop drinking soda? Same goes with any other tax those schemers plan. Impose a death tax, and - believe it or not - people will move out of the state, at least as far as their legal residency goes. Place higher tax burdens on companies, and those companies will leave as well. What democrats just simply do not understand, is that lower (and fair) taxes will actually result in higher tax revenues because business will choose Michigan and residents will remain.