Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Global Warming Crimefighters Begin Their Battle

The saviors of our dear world are off battling the forces of evil. First we have Sheryl Crow:

Sheryl Crow, riding aboard a bus that uses biodiesel fuel, is on an 11-stop college tour to raise awareness about global warming.

Accompanying the Grammy-winning singer is Laurie David, who produced the film on climate change, “An Inconvenient Truth,” which won the Oscar for best documentary earlier this year.

Each stop on the tour will include remarks by David, a short performance by Crow, clips from “An Inconvenient Truth” and a dialogue with students, according to Crow’s Web site.

“The more I learn about global warming, the more I know that we all have to do something to be a part of the solution,” Crow, 45, said in a statement.

The “Stop Global Warming College Tour” opened Monday at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

You know, nothing says "green" to me like an 11-college tour. But, this is just a warm-up for the big show:
The line-up has been unveiled for the US leg of Al Gore's Live Earth concerts, which has been confirmed to take place at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

The Police, Smashing Pumpkins, Bon Jovi and Kanye West will perform, as will AFI, Sheryl Crow, Fall Out Boy and John Mayer.

Concerts will take place across seven continents throughout July 7, and will culminate with the New Jersey show.

"We hope the energy created by Live Earth will jump start a massive public education effort," Live Earth co-chair vice president Al Gore said. "Live Earth will help us reach a tipping point that's needed to move corporations and governments to take decisive action to solve the climate crisis.

I had no idea they were going to be creating energy with this tour! Sounds creepy, actually.

Call me dense, but I fail to see the direct connection between holding some massive concert, and "green" ideas. Tour buses, stages, electricity, not to mention the consumption of fuel used by those going to see the concerts. Add in the millions using ENERGY to watch the concerts on their TVs, and this seems like little more than a money-making, PR scheme by Gore, Inc.

Wait, you don't think ... ?

The weather weather continues to not be Al Gore's friend:

LAST WEEK’s WEATHER TREND (1-7 APR): Temperatures plummeted as a strong Arctic cold front dove deep into the South late in the week. There were 100s of record low temperatures across the U.S. with the Southwest being the one exception. Hard freezes most likely did 10s of millions of dollars damage to trees and crops in the Southeast over the Easter weekend. Snowfall was also the most in at least 14 years with dozens of record snowfall totals from Texas to the Middle Atlantic and throughout the interior Northeast and Great Lakes. Even Dallas had a trace of snow which was the latest snowfall in 69 years.

I know, I know; Global warming causes warming, cooling, rain, drought, predictable, and unpredictable weather. The actual weather means NOTHING.