Monday, April 16, 2007

Mark Styene on Imus Kerfuffle

Always hits it:

And saddest of all were the Rutgers basketball gals themselves. Almost a century and a half after the abolition of slavery, 40 years after the civil rights era, a group of young black women who've achieved great success went on TV and teared up because of a cheap crack by an over-the-hill shock jock.
As a female correspondent to the Powerline Web site commented: "Here are these tough women on top of the world, and they are so fragile that a remark knocks them down. Hey, why wouldn't they have said 'F--- you? Who the heck is this fool Imus? We are queens of national basketball, and there is no stopping us now. We can be and do anything we choose to be or do. … We don't need Al Sharpton to protect us.' But no, they look devastated and say they are damaged irreparably."

H/t: Protein Wisdom