Monday, April 09, 2007

Thanks, Canada

Now, before you think I'm being sarcastic, take note - I feel a genuine sense of gratitude. I may be one of the first to jump into a "let's beat up on Canada" discussion, but not today.

Because, as I type, I'm downloading an "Our Lady Peace" album, a band that hails from Toronto. Which, incidentally, is in Canada. Today musical selection was between California's Incubus and Our Lady Peace, and the Canadians beat the Americans in this battle of the bands. Incubus may have "Drive" and "Pardon Me" and "Warning":

But OLP has "Clumsy" and "Innocent" and "One Many Army" and "Superman's Dead" and "Kiss on the Mouth" and "Starseed" and "4 a.m." and others. So, they won.

And, before you start thinking "yes, sure Carin, Canada may have given us OLP, but what about Celine? Certainly they should have to pay for that. "

Well, yes. You are right about that. Never forget. Never forgive.

And for that, all Canadians should be deeply ashamed.