Thursday, June 01, 2006

No no NO!

Yesterday, Detroit City Council voted 8-0 to rename the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel the "John Conyers Jr. Tunnel." The resolution was proposed by Monica Conyers, his Councilwoman wife, who got into office with the help of her husband's congressional staff to campaign for her. And to babysit their children.

But, like all good Democrats, no one cares when corruption points to them. Or hypocrisy. Papa Conyers votes pro-NEA (he has a 91% rating by them) and anti-Vouchers, yet speaks truth-to-power where his own children are concerned: the Conyers send their kids to an exclusive private school in the suburbs.

In one of the most shameful acts for a man who touts himself as a champion for the downtrodden, Conyers accepted turkeys from a food bank a few Holidays back, which he was going to disburse to the needy. the needy, apparently , were in his office staff.

Among the achievements of his 20 terms in the U.S. House (can anyone say term limits?), is Conyers plot for Reparations. He first introduced his bill H. R. 40 in 1989, and says he is going to continue to introduce it until it's passed into law. Of his bill he says this:

But reparation is a national and a global issue, which should be addressed in America and in the world. It is not limited to Black Americans in the US but is an issue for the many countries and villages in Africa, which were pilfered, and the many countries, which participated in the institution of slavery.

You mean, the African villages which sold the slaves to the traders? The African villages which were pilfered by waring factions?

Another reason that this bill has garnered so much resistance is because many people want to leave slavery in the past - they contend that slavery happened so long ago that it is hurtful and divisive to bring it up now. It's too painful.

I'll tell you who doesn't want to leave slavery in the past, Jesse Jackson, John Conyers, and countless others, who have used racial politics not as means to make the world a better place, but for self advancement.

As embarrassed by and opposed to I am to Conyers, the finally analysis is that the Detroit city Council is a bunch of jackasses who spend way to much time on stupid, irrelevant things. Perhaps they should concentrate on the failing schools and the breakdown of inner-city society which corrupts Detroit from within. Or, they could spend some time eliminating the mounds of the red-tape that stands in the way of business.

Nah, that stuff sounds way too complicated. Let's just rename a tunnel.