Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Celebrations Begin

Those crazy kids over at atrios are already celebrating the death of Al-Zaraqawi. From the 8:13 open thread, since there is no post regarding the event :

Nothing will change, war will go on, gas prices will rise, stock market will keep heading south. This is all bullshit!
NPR is fucking orgasmic over the alleged demise of al Zaarqawi
i mean, hour upon hour, interspersed with occasional bits of GOPuke lore...
Bread and carcuses.
Should make the sheep happy.

So, being a sheep, I AM happy. Sheep people celebrate the capture, or demise, of people who behead other people. Who videotape, and celebrate to their God such acts. I'm sure Nick Berg did a little dance somewhere (although his father is still probably blaming Bush.)

So, the question is, how long is it going to take for someone to "question the timing?" I believe it will go something like this:Kind of convenient to have such a victory right when the Haditha story is getting hot. They probably knew where he was all along, and were waiting for when they "really needed" his death to get something else off of the headlines. You know someone is going to say it. Who will it be?

Update:: more fun with comments:
Won't make one wit of difference in the civil war going on there.
Zarqawi was our boy, protected by Bush before the war, promoted as a terrorist rock star during the occupation.
He's like a Jordanian Ziggy Stardust.

And, DING DING DING, we have a winner :

Oh, and isn't the timing on this thing rather fortuitous for the Bushies? The big story last night was Spector whomping on Cheney. We won't be hearing any more about that tonight, I imagine.
B1 Bummer |

Sure, I was wrong as to what/how "the Bushies" would benefit from the timing of the story, but I believe the comment did capture the spirit of my prediction.

Update II: Here's a good one from Kos:

long live Zarqawi!!!

By my reckoning he's been dead for years.  Great photo-op though.  But what news are they trying to keep hidden from us?

The best that liberal bloggers can manage is a grudging admittance that his death is a good thing, quickly followed-up by a pronouncement that his death means nothing because there are thousands more anxious to replace him. Totally ignored is that the U.S. military was able to find Zarqawi because the Iraqi people have had enough. This from Iraq the Model:

In the first official confirmation, PM al-Maliki said that Jordan has provided intelligence that was used in the raid on Zaraqwi's hiding place but he also stressed that tips from locals were the primary lead to Zarqawi's exact location and these were the information according to which the missiles were guided.

Al-Maliki said that among the 7 killed with Zarqawi were two women who were responsible for collecting intelligence for the al-Qaeda HQ cell.

I'll prepare myself for the criticism sure to be coming, that women were killed during the raid. Perhaps they were even mothers.