Friday, June 30, 2006

Is this blog on?

Christopher Hitchens has some recommendations for the Left. Here's my favorite:

Isn't it time to revive the demand that homosexuals be allowed to wear the uniform of the U.S. military? This was once the united cry not just of all gay organizations but of a wide liberal consensus that helped elect Bill Clinton. How can such a thing have been so vital and yet been so hastily dropped? Surely the slogan should be "Now More Than Ever"? Our enemies are torturing and butchering gays whenever and wherever they find them (as are some of the militias who claim to be our "friends"), and meanwhile the American establishment is not just denying gays the right to join but actually firing those who have joined. (I am thinking in particular of the Arabic and Persian translators, fired by a CIA that can barely read English, let alone any Middle Eastern language.) Which Republican will dare resist?

"Gays in the military" has become a forgotten battle-cry ever since the left has decided they'd rather they had the right to walk down the isle together.

Of course, if my neighbor's behavior is any indication of what a gay man might do in the face of danger ...

H/t: Karol