Wednesday, June 28, 2006

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I read over the weekend that the fine public educational system of Detroit graduates under 50% of it's students.

If you're going to get snarky about the quality of public education, you might not want to use "it's" when you mean to use "its."
Marc | 06.27.06 - 7:53 pm | #

Well, Marc, I did go though the Detroit Public school system. What can you expect?

AND FOR THE RECORD, my blog isn't a dissertation. I have been known to post without editing very closely. Big deal. If your only comment is regarding the grammar of my blog, then spare me.

And, I do I live in the City of Detroit. The horrible condition of the public school system should be an embarrassment to all of its (see, I caught it that time) citizens. Graduation rates are estimated to be as low as 27% - that would be only ONE of my five children graduating from high school, if statistics were borne out by my family.

And, not only do they suck academically, but the corruption that exists is astonishing. Just today, this article came out.

The Detroit Public Schools must repay nearly $1 million to the federal government after an investigation found officials misspent money earmarked for increasing parental involvement in low-income schoo

My favorite example? The five flat-screen TVs that were purchased, but aren't actually IN any of the classrooms. Where do you think we'll find those tvs?