Friday, June 30, 2006

Dumbest Dog Ever (sorry Missy)

Originally uploaded by Carinroz.
Pictured here is a Chihuahua; the dumbest dog on the planet. In the past, as I have mentioned, I have be accosted, while walking my German Shepherd, by a pair of Chihuahuas that live on the next block. You do the math - if that little dog gets within eating distance of my dog, it's gonna get hurt. The dogs have run out from their back yard at Greta, and twice they have even run across the street to "fight" my dog. Before, I had always managed to get enough distance between Greta and the stupid snack. Until yesterday.

That stupid dog came running out, and I had managed to get Greta into the street, but the dog continued to chase us and started nipping at her hind legs. That was not to be endured, and Greta turned and gave that dog something to think about.

I really do hope that the dog was ok. But, even more I hope that dog learned something.

And, as if yesterday didn't totally suck enough, at the end of the walk, a PIT BULL (which wins for ugliest dog ever, and qualifies for Stupidest pet to own, but that really should be awarded to the owner) broke its CHAIN LINK to come after Greta. It was like a mouth of knives - that's the view I got of the hideous beast. I screamed myself horse for help, but the (gay) guy who lived next door was too busy running the other way. A young man did come to my aid. His sexuality will not be questioned.

* Missy is my cousin's wife, who owns a pair of Chihuahuas. I'm sure yours are nice, and would never attack a dog 20 times their own size. And, if it would, then I'm sorry because your dog is stupid too.