Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Continuing Saga

Well, at least it is a saga in my mind. There is a house down the block with a double lot. About a year ago, a family with two kids moved in. I have seen these children a grand total of TWICE in the year. And, one of those times, the kids were walking from the car to the house. I think that's kind of strange. There are still two cars in the driveway, so divorce would appear not to be the reason the children, and the wife I might add, are NEVER outside.

One day, I was walking by, and I could have SWORN the side window's curtain was pushed aside, and a woman was waving at me. The curtains are always drawn on all the windows, front and side, another fact which I think is really strange.

As I mentioned, the house sits on a double lot (oh, the things I could do with a double lot.) This man (I say man, since he is the only member of the family I ever see), had decided to take only minimal care of the exterior of his house; no flowers and often the grass is two weeks behind in lawn mowing. To make matters worse, he had a beautiful tree smack dab in the middle of the lot. He didn't cut it down, he just cut all the upper branches off, leaving the trunk and lower limbs there as a mockery of it's former elegance.

To continue with this - he isn't very friendly. My "hello's" often get met with a cold stare. Once, he was speaking with a friend of mine from church, a very attractive black woman. She was soliciting votes for an upcoming election at the time - and he was pretty gregarious with her. She introduced me to him, and his reaction was odd. Forced politeness. . The man, himself, is black, so I'm going to make the leap that he's a racist. If he is a racist (I have a feel for these things), he's going to be disappointed in my friend, she is married to a white man.

To review; cold, possibly racist man, who doesn't take care of the exterior of his nice house, and doesn't allow his wife or children outside. PLUS, he has a dog, which in only occasionally allows outside to be chained up (when he moved in there was a fence, which he has haphazardly taken down.)

Last night, though, I learned one more piece to this puzzle. He's a preacher! Oh, my mind is going a thousand miles a minute now.