Monday, May 08, 2006

The new "FREE TIBET"

Mark Steyn really nailed why I'm annoyed with Hollywood's newly discovered tragedy that is Darfur:

Free Tibet. Every college in the US has a Free Tibet society: There's the Indiana University Students for a Free Tibet, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Students for a Free Tibet, and the Students for a Free Tibet University of Michigan Chapter. Everyone's for a free Tibet, but no one's for freeing Tibet. Idealism asinertia is the hallmark of the movement.

George Clooney has discovered that there is a genocide occurring in Darfu, and he is urging action:
Is the American government slow to act? Of course we're slow to act, we always are," Clooney said, referring to prior U.S. intervention in Rwanda and the Balkans.
"It's something that has to start today," Clooney said. "If we don't get to work on it today, there's a few thousand people who will be dead by the end of the week."

So, Clooney is urging action? What action is he urging? I guess we really need to get started on those bumper stickers. It's funny, because before the invasion of Iraq, Clooney had this to say:

"Are we going to try and talk to Saddam Hussein...without jumping in and killing people first?" he said.
"I don't believe we're going to wait until the last resort to do it. That's what bothers me."

Clooney was an outspoken critic for the Iraqi war (to say the least), and back then he argued that action should be the last resort. Yet, now he's being critical that we don't take action quickly enough.

But, let's be honest here - what type of action (besides the mass production of bumper stickers) would he support? Financial aid for the suffering, for sure, but anything tangible that would stop the violence? What happened to the liberal line "It's a civil war, it's none of our business"? We won't hear that one until if, and when, America steps-in to put a stop to the violence. The innocents in Darfur are not going to be saved by a bunch of bumper stickers OR financial aid. Nothing short of a well-armed military is going to save them.

H/t; Gail, who posted a link to the Styne article, but I decided I need a bit more room than is prudent in comments.