Thursday, May 11, 2006


I just got this urgent email:

You may be surprised to receive this letter since you don't know me personally, I am Mrs.MONICA KOFFI, the wife of late Dr.ALFRED KOFFI, who was recently murdered in the land dispute in Zimbabwe. I got your contact through South African Information exchange (S.A.I.E) here in Johannesburg and I decided to write for an assistance.
My late husband was among the few blacks Zimbabwe rich farmers murdered in cold blood by the agents of the ruling government of President Robert Mugabe for his alleged support and sympathy of the Zimbabwean opposition party controlled by the whites. Before his death, he took me and my son MARK to Johannesburg to deposit the sum of US$13.5 Million Pounds)in MARK's name as the beneficiary with a private Security and Finance Company as if he foresaw the looming danger in Zimbabwe.The money was deposited to the security company to avoid seizure ...

Email me if you'd like details on how to help Mrs. Koffi out, she asked that we keep this confidential. But, I'm sure she won't mind me telling you guys!.