Friday, May 26, 2006

Here's a conspiracy for you

Every so often I get an email from Amazon, suggesting a few books I may be interested in buying. Yesterday, I got a note saying that since I had bought a book by Peter Schweizer, I might now be interested in buying Bill Bennett's new book America: The Last Best Hope (Volume I).

Why yes, I would be interested in that book. I thought as I grinned to myself at the prospect of buying yet another conservative book from that bastion of liberalism, Amazon.

I eagerly clicked on the link, anxious to see how the hordes of faux "reviewers" had trashed the book. But, surprisingly, the link didn't take me to the Bennett book. Instead,it took me to the Amazon welcome page. The other links on the email worked correctly, but not the Bennett book. Is this JUST a conspiracy involving Amazon commie workers? Or is there also a connection with Opes Dei? Should I keep my eyes open for an albino?

Perhaps I should just get a grip, and assume the numnuts at Amazon made an innocent mistake.