Friday, April 21, 2006

Visiting moonbat land

dKos can be a rather fun place to go and visit " the other side", and since Jeff wasn't yet awake to begin posting, I followed a LGF link to this discussion regarding 9/11 :

Remember, please, that this was an act of a bunch of punks. Punks that got lucky. Not the larger Islamo-Fascist monolith that some have conjurred; that may exist as a useful concept but all evidence points to punks. And frankly it's a lot easier to credit the well-grounded "punk theory," because punks behave unpredictably and slip through cracks. The US would have swatted anything larger on the worst of days.

The author's overwhelming opinion regarding 9/11 is that they are "over it."No need to worry about Islamofascism. No need for a Global War on Terror. 9/11 was the work of a few lucky punks. I, personally, will never get over it. But, I share little in common with the commenter who offered this reason for "not" getting over it:

The evidence for the Official Story is so poor, and the motives for the proponents of the Official Story  -- that is, the AmeriKills subsidiary of BushCo and the neo-cons, the people who have benefited from 9-11 -- to lie are so great, that I cannot believe it to be true.

I am utterly convinced that the Official Story is a transparent hoax, and that it is virtually certain that, at least, BushCo LIHOP and indeed far more likely that, perhaps with the aid of Pakistani and/or Saudi secret services, an element of the government (including Cheney and Rumsfeld, among others) actually sponsored and planned the attacks.

So, and having been born in Manhattan and having been in the City (albeit not near the WTC) on that morning, I take it personally, and I will not be getting over it.

Oh, and despite my self-deprecating moniker, I am a construction lawyer, which is to say that, although not an engineer, I know enough about buildings to feel certain that the "pancake theory" is bogus.  As a litigation attorney with 20 years' experience, I make a decent living proving and disproving facts.

OF COURSE it has not been proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Cheney and the boys did 9-11.  But the Official Story is fragrant horseshit (really, if you believe that one please send me your check for the Brooklyn Bridge) and, that being so, it's only natural to see as the prime suspects those who (1) have controlled the crime scene; (2) thwarted any investigation other than the risible Kean-Zelikow "Oil Investor, CIA, CFR and Coverup Maven Whitewash;" (3) stated in writing that the nation's future pretty much required a "catalyzing and catastrophic event -- a New Pearl Harbor;" (4) had the motive, means and the oppportunity to carry out the attacks; and (5) have been the primary beneficiaries, politically but also in cold cash.

If you get over it, well God bless you, you're a huge part of the problem.

This isn't the first time I've come across this special type of tin-foil- hat wearer, but what I found remarkable, frightening, and perhaps predicable was the lack of debate (or ridicule) for such idiocy. Try posing a similar argument on Ace's blog, and such conspiracy mongers are taken to task. But, it is right at home among what is arguably one of the most-read "Lefty" blogs.