Friday, April 14, 2006

Hating America

Since 9/11, the left has been involved in a debate legitimizing why the rest of the world supposedly hates us. Kerry was to be our Savior, he was going to mend the rifts in international politics. But, cowboy Bush one, so we are still "hated."

But consider this:

In a lengthy explanation of why he hates Americans, Moussaoui said Islam requires Muslims to be the world's superpower as he flipped through a copy of the Quran searching for verses to support his assertion. He said one verse requires Muslims "to fight against all who believe not in Allah."

"We have an obligation to be the superpower. You have to be subdued," Moussaoui said. "America is a superpower and you want to eradicate Islam."

So, radical, fascist, Islamics hate us because we stand in their way of becoming the World's superpower, which would surely bring Sharia to a neighborhood nears yours. Call me crazy, but I see preventing them from becoming a power of any for, super or otherwise, as a good thing. Certainly even the more liberal among us can agree that fundamental Islam would certainly be more repressive than occasionally hearing "Silent Night" in one of the few stories brave enough to still play Christmas tunes. And, if your think your abortion rights are being challenged NOW, just wait until you're wearing a Burka.

The US is singled out, as enemy one of these forces, because we are the only ones "cowboy" enough to stand in their way. That is why "they" hate us. Which leads to the question, why they don't view any one else as such a threat to their future plans?